About Kate

Lock me in a room with a fellow-small business owner and a few rails of colourful clothes and I'll be as happy as a Border Collie in a ball-pit.

Having worked exclusively with individuals for the past six years, my focus has since shifted to helping small business owners, like me, and probably introverted, like me.  And I ask myself WHY, OH WHY hadn't I thought to help this group of people before? *slaps forehead*

It's such a joy working with women on the very thing in their lives they love the most - after their families (and sometimes even more, if we're honest!)

When I had a 'proper job' I worked in Marketing Communications and Public Relations so I'm now in a great position to help other small business owners brand themselves in the right style for their personality and to reflect the right values for their business.

This is personal styling for your business branding.  Shoot me a message if you want a hand: kate@colourmekate.com.au  


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